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Araceli Lanoy Ayuste’s Humble Beginnings

Araceli Lanoy Ayuste was not born with a silver spoon in her mouth.  On the contrary, their family didn’t have much.  She is the eldest of 10 children and was born in Lasang, Davao City

When she was young, she experienced first-hand what it was like to go to school with nothing.  She had to go to school barefoot and she had bananas and corn for her snacks.  Since they were poor the hardship she experienced took a toll on her grades.  As a matter of fact, she didn’t have grades that reached 80% up until she was in Grade 3.

However, being the resilient person that she is, Araceli Lanoy Ayuste took all these challenges head on.  She didn’t let their lack of resources weaken her spirit, she didn’t even mind that she had to make her Spartan slippers last 3 years because they didn’t have any money to buy new ones regularly. She saw it as an opportunity to motivate herself even more.  With this positive mindset, even if she had to walk 6 km to school every day, her grades began to pick up and she slowly had grades more than 80%.   She even showed great promise in sports and she was awarded the Most Active student of the year when she was playing softball.

When she was already in high school, she already became an honor student and even became the CAT training Charlie Company Commander.  By college, she still had to work hard in order for her to finish her studies.  The University of Mindanao gave her 50% scholarship and so she worked for her relatives as household help to make sure she can pay all her remaining school dues.

Second Year college she worked as a Merchandiser with a PHP 10 salary per day and eventually became a Med Rep for Bayer Philippines.  After that, she had other various jobs in different companies because she wanted her family to have a good life.  Her dream led her to open up her own drug store and became a distributor for the whole Philippines.  Eventually she was blessed with good business ventures and it led to the existence of Punta del Sol amongst others.

As she slowly became successful, Araceli Lanoy Ayuste couldn’t help but to also help all the other people around her.  She knows what it feels like to come from nothing and to work hard incessantly just to experience a better life.  This stirred up a passion in her to help others.  So, she sought to provide employment and opportunities for others.

Though Araceli was making a difference by supporting the Samaleños as a businesswoman, she believes being in public service will broaden her reach and her capabilities to help more and to do more.

It takes one to know one they say, and Araceli Lanoy Ayuste was born less fortunate and grew up with all the challenges a majority of us face today.  There is no one better who can understand the needs of the marginalized other than someone who walked barefoot in their footsteps and rose above to become their voice today.