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If water and air are the two of the most basic yet important elements on earth which every living thing depends upon, and seeing that unfortunately they have become heavily polluted with trash among other things, don’t you think it is time to make a stand to clean up our act? Everyone is responsible and we must make a decision to actively protect our resources.

A common story that many of us have all encountered and witnessed is when we are visiting our country’s own beautiful beaches. The scenario usually is that we’re admiring the beauty of  what nature has to offer.   We can almost taste how clean the air is, then all of a sudden we see plastic litter visibly floating everywhere that just ruins it all for us.

Ocean garbage destroys the natural habitat of our aquatic animals and diminishes its species. In reality, they are the ones who really help restore the natural balance of our environment. How does it make you feel that we are responsible in destroying it, disappointing, right?

In fact, according to a comprehensive study on plastic pollution, around eight million tons of plastic went into the ocean in 2010.  The international study determined that 192 nations generated a total of 275 million tons of plastic waste alone; imagine the staggering statistics rise of plastic waste this year. It is a global problem that started three decades ago that has greatly ruined our natural environment, which causes siltation, unusual high tides and climate change.

Hence, it is time for everyone to unite and make a difference whether it is a big or small effort, like “The International Coastal Cleanup Drive” that happens simultaneously in different countries with one objective to clean our oceans. In line with this advocacy is making known to locals the importance of reducing the impact of waste by dealing with it at the core, and to help educate and to hopefully change the habits of the people when dealing with trash, which is the heart Araceli Lanoy Ayuste, President of Samal Island Tourism Council in Mindanao, and Chief Executive Officer at Punta del Sol Properties Corporation. They have conducted a coastal clean-up on October 10, 2015 at Mangrove area, Purok Bombil, Mansud, Barangay Dadatan, Talikud Island, Island Garden City of Samal.

The said campaign involved volunteers from the different departments of the government such as DENR, Phil. Army, Phil. Coast Guard, Mountaineers, Local Barangay Officials, COSTAFBA, and its own community. The goal is to lessen our ocean waste, collecting data, educate our community, and to have concrete solutions in addressing these problems.

Once more, we are all responsible and we all have a part, so help make a difference for a better and cleaner environment not just for this generation but for generations to come.

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