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Araceli Ayuste knows that Agritourism provides a lot of benefits for the community.  It can provide employment avenues, individual households can also grow grape in their own backyards, increase in tourist arrivals are likely to flourish and educational tours can even prosper because of it.  Since it focuses on creating unique travel experiences and activities that people can enjoy in agricultural settings, it does not only benefit the community but also promotes love for nature and edifies the protection thereof.

In June 2018, Araceli Ayuste had a meeting with Mr. Noel Daquiaog, Davao del Norte Provincial Tourism Officer for presentation of the project to the Island Garden City of Samal Mayor Al David T. Uy, department heads and eventually to the Sanguniang Panglungsod for the crafting of City Ordinance for grape growing.  She saw how this could continue to place the island on the global map so she supported this venture.  As a result, the proposed Grape Farm would be located at Purok 7, Barangay Cogon, Talikud Island,Kaputian District , Island Garden City of Samal.  By July, Araceli Ayuste personally scouted for strategic locations and 50 hills were initially planted and were named Plot 1.
As she observed the growth of the first 50 hills, she was inspired to plant 200 more hills in Plot 2.  To signify the participation of the Grape Farm in the Talikud Island Tourism circuit, a beautiful plant box was created.  From that simple step, there are now 500 hills and counting.  There is indeed a whole great potential for Talikud Island and its people.  This can be a good opportunity for everyone to be part of something that can further the success of their island’s success as they continue to give and share all the beauty they have been blessed with.
It only takes a small step, a small hope to believe something can grow into something wonderful.  Araceli Ayuste did not miss to see this vision and I am sure the people of Talikud Island will be more than grateful when the small seeds they have planted become sweet fruits for their community in the days to come.
Araceli wants to establish the same venture in Island wide of Island Garden City of Samal  and will position grapes as one island, one product.
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