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Punta del Sol Group of Companies is keen on safeguarding the marine environment and providing sustainable coastal livelihood programs for the residents of the Island Garden City of Samal, which is why in August 2015 we have organized a seminar took place at Talikud Island. The yearly event with the compassionate guidance of Ms. Araceli Lanoy Ayuste, Chief Executive Officer of Punta del Sol Group of Companies and President of Samal Island Tourism Council.

Araceli Ayuste addresses the locals at Talikud Island

The livelihood seminar eagerly participated by the local residents of about 30-50 individuals ages from 18-50, which includes simple housewives, students, and habal-habal motorcycle drivers. Mainly, they were taught how to produce souvenir items for tourists, to become accredited habal-habal drivers for the motorcycle inland tour, right training to become better tour guides, housekeeping services, how to properly welcome visitors and provide proper service for clients and educate them on how to promote the destinations in the island and how tourism can help the community.

The big question is, what do you think are the basic necessities of the locals and how will the program be successful and self-sustaining for the beneficiaries? The four basic needs are steady income, food, shelter, and clothing for the residents.

Regarding the sustainability of the program, our approaches would include seed funds or small grants for tools and equipments as a start-up, fund management awareness, collaborative partnership, income generated activities, mentoring programs, building partnerships, strengthening the program by empowering individuals, and acquire scarce resources from regional and national levels.

Because we are for inclusive growth, and due to the support from everyone involved from the industry and the barangay level, four barangays, their communities, and their respective leaders will also reap the benefits of the program, this is to ensure that as the program continues to grow – no one is left behind.

Once more, our main objectives are to generate sustainable income for the residents and to help preserve our environment while preserving and flourishing our marine and land agriculture. Let us all pitch in, unite, and do what we can to support our coastal livelihood programs in the hopes of preserving our land and marine environment for the betterment of the future of the Island Garden City of Samal and its people.

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